Fantastic Turbo the Racing Snail themed 5th birthday by The Iced Biscuit

Today we are showing a fantastic colourful Turbo themed party by The Iced Biscuit as told by Jacqui
“Max decided exactly a year ago that the theme for his 5th birthday party
would be Turbo the Racing Snail. I figured at least it would be
original and I knew it would be challenging, and he had some idea of his own too.
I wanted something clean and modern with lots of elements from the movie.

On the day we were joined by 40 of Max¹s little friends and their parents
at our farm in Melbourne . We were blessed by the weather, it really
could not have been a more beautiful day!

I decided to get some amazing local vendors on board because last year
doing it all myself proved to be a bit too much. I was lucky to have such
incredible local talents as Debbi Ucar from Studio Cake to help me
achieve my vision. Debbi created the delicious cupcakes, macarons, mini donuts, taco cake pops and the stunning cake with her beautifully hand made
Turbo topper. She also had Kyrie from Glistening Occasions create a ‘Max¹
topper to add another modern element to the cake. Romina from In a World of
Cake made the beautiful chocolates and meringues and the gorgeous Leanne from Chocobon made the delicious strawberry towers. I made all the different
biscuits as directed by the birthday boy himself.

I had a slight hiccup the night before when our photographer had to
cancel but as luck would have it the hugely talented Pinni Biber of Pinni B
Photography had also had a cancellation and the photos she took speak
for themselves! I can¹t recommend her highly enough.

I took some styling inspiration from someone I greatly admire, Red Wagon Events with the bubble wands on the place settings and the balloons tied to the chairs. I may have gone a bit overboard on the balloons… but it was great fun popping them all at the end of the day!

The children spent the day enjoying the delicious goodies, having hay
rides and pony rides but the most popular activity was the enormous bouncy
castle with its own obstacle course. I wish I was turing 5 again!

A special thanks go to Michelle from Sweetheart Party Extras who not
only made the fab Taco Cart sign but also helped me with so many other
elements of the party that I am so grateful for. Thank you to my partner David
for staging the event and putting up with me, my Mum for all the savoury
food for the kids and grown ups, Jessie for giving the party guests pony
rides all afternoon, my Dad for driving all over town picking things up, to
Grandma Carolyn for getting busy in the kitchen and to all our friends
for making it such a massively successful day.

Max has already decided the theme for next year and has begun planning, I think I have crated a monster!!

Styling and biscuits – The Iced Biscuit
Cake, cake pops, mini donuts, macarons cupcakes, cake stands ­ Studio Cake
‘Max¹ Cake Topper ­ Glistening Occasions
Strawberry Towers- Chocobon
Meringues, chocolates ­ In a World of Cake on Instagram
Photographay- Pinni B Photography
Furniture and Lolly Cart ­ Mini Party People
Tomato Bunting ­ Memories are Sweet
Taco Sign ­ Sweetheart Party Extras
Printables- Edge House Designs
Honeycomb Balls and plates- Little Kite
Marquee Hire ­ Open Air Events


























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