When in warm and beautiful Queensland a gorgeous Tropical Princess Party is in order by Glitter and Glue Designs

Isabelle from Glitter and Glue Designs styled this gorgeous tropical princess party..Our little girl turned 4 and I think every little girl at this age love princesses. We decided that she would have a pink, and purple princess party. As the party got closer, I found a lot of tropical inspiration around and decided we would have a Tropical Princess party!
Alannah was quite excited because she loves pineapples, and hibiscuses. Our main colours were now pink, yellow and green.
Shelley from Favor Lane Party Boutique had the perfect pineapples cups and pineapples honeycomb balls.
Our cake was made by Renae from All That Cake, Renae included a pineapple, a crown and a hibiscus at the top of the cake, all handmade. The cake was amazing.
I decided to create some pineapple cases and toppers for our cupcakes made by Kate from This Girl Bakes. The donut were made into pineapple donuts too. The kids thought it was great.
Our little guest had fun on e water slide we set up in the backyard, and I enjoyed painting their faces when they were finished. They all went home with a small bag of mixed lollies, some tropical pens, and tropical stickers.
Our tropical princess party was magical! And most of all my little girl loved it.

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