An Irish Dance or two and some Irish Fairies and what do you get? a gorgeous Birthday party for the Lovely Lyla by Nomie Boutique stationery and Naatje Patisserie Cupcakes and Cakes.

I love the Irish dance cookies and the gorgeous Irish Dance costume corset cake, just beautiful, as told by by the girls:

“With the theme of Irish Fairies in pretty pink, white and green, adorned in tulle sparkles and glamour, this gorgeous dessert buffet has been designed specifically for Irish Dance Diva in Pakenham by Nomie Boutique Stationery and Naatje Patisserie Cupcakes & Cakes as a new foray into children’s Irish Fairy Parties which owner Donna Jolicouer will be promoting as part of her services. 

To help launch this fabulous 3 way project we surprised sweet Lyla daughter of Fiona Holmes, owner of McAleer Dance School in Pakenham, with our decadent dessert buffet for her 5th birthday party.

If you would like to book an Irish Fairies party with any or all of these fabulous details please contact Donna Jolicouer from Irish Dance Diva

Irish Fairy Party theme by Naomi from Nomie Boutique Stationery 
Styling by Naomi from Nomie Boutique Stationery and Nathalia from Naatje Patisserie Cupcakes & Cakes
Cake and Desserts by Naatje Patisserie
Stationery and Photography by Nomie Boutique Stationery
Accessories available from Irish Dance Diva
Venue courtesy Fiona Holmes, McAleer Dance School

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