Super Cute Wreck It Ralph Party by Imagine Event Styling

Imagine Event Styling styled this super cute Wreck it Ralph themed party, which is based on the recent movie as told by Imagine Event Styling "my children's Wreck It Ralph party with you! This party
was for Leo, turning 4, and Kirrily, turning 2, who are both big fans of
the movie, and we thought it was especially appropriate since it was the 1
year anniversary of the movie's release 🙂

Each of the different tables/stations at the party were based on different
parts of the movie. The dessert table was based on the "Sugar Rush" game in
the movie; the lunch table was based on the "Fix-It Felix" game in the
movie; the drinks table was based on the "Tapper" game in the movie; and
the kid's activity was based on the "Kart Bakery" which is part of the
"Sugar Rush" game in the movie.

The characters in the game head to 'Tapper' after they finish work for the
day for a chat and a cold drink, so of course our drink station had to bear
the same name! Our drink station also included "Diet Cola Mountain", which
is a geographical feature of the game "Sugar Rush."

One of the 2 main games in the movie is 'Fix-It-Felix.' This is the game
where Ralph and Felix both live. Ralph lives in the dump, where his home is
a tree stump, surrounded by broken bricks, and the occasional digger, so
all of these elements are featured on the table. All of the food was named
after elements of the game, including the fabulous chicken nuggets which
were based on the golden hammer that Felix owns. The backdrop for this
table was made from individually cut squares, to give the look of pixels,
in keeping with the arcade game feel. The amazing cake was based on the
30th anniversary cake that one of the characters makes in the movie, and
all of the characters sitting on top are actual characters from the
Fix-It-Felix game.

Within the "Sugar Rush" game, is a mini game called the Kart Bakery, where
Ralph and Vanellope make and decorate Vanellope's racing kart. We thought
this would be a fun activity for the kids to do at the party, and they
loved it! Some of them barely left the Kart Bakery for the entire party,
and there were lots of fabulous creations, with lots of sprinkles, icing,
lollies and fun!

The dessert table is based on the fabulously sweet "Sugar Rush" game, where
the majority of the movie takes place. The go-kart racer characters in the
game are all themed on different varieties of candy/sweets, and so all of
the elements of the dessert table were chosen based on these themes - for
example, Jubileena Bing-Bing's candy theme revolves around cherry
confectionary, so she is represented on the dessert table by Cherry Ripe
baby cupcakes. As well as all of the Sugar Rush characters being
represented by desserts/candy, we also included the adorable "You're My
Hero" cookies, (the same as the cookie that Vanellope made for Ralph in the
movie); as well as our own version of the "Nesquik Sand" that Felix and
Calhoun fall into (in this case, chocolate mousse with grated 'Nesquik' on
top, and spoons based on the 'Danger' sign from the movie).

Concept, design and styling - Imagine Event Styling
Printables - Oh So Printable
Sugar Rush Backdrop - 2 Love Birds Sweet Design
Fix It Felix pixelated backdrop - Imagine Event Styling
Sugar Rush Bunting -
Cake Pops, Tiramisu and Chocolate mousse - Sweet Empire
Baby Cakes - Nuts About Cupcakes
Lollipops and Rock candy - The Little Big Company
Cookies - Miss Biscuit
Chocolate covered oreos - Sweet Table
Kirrily's (The birthday girls) hair clips - Saturday Lollipop
Birthday Cake - SweetNys Cakes
Photography - Connie Hatch Photography
Kids size table and chair, and step ladder in Kart Bakery - Sweet Eventsfor Kids

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