A Glistening Gold Geometric Luxe Party to Celebrate and bring in the New Year by Sweet Empire

Catherine from Sweet Empire styled this gorgeous Christmas Holiday’s table, a  luxe gold Celebrate Theme, with geometric luxe cake pops, beautiful glittery macarons, decadent gold desserts as told by Catherine from Sweet Empire:

“I have been obsessed with these amazing geometric piñata’s made by Party Pony Designer Piñata for a long time now and would lay in bed at night dreaming about ways to use them and came up with the idea to replicate them in a cake pop. So the Geo Luxe Pop was created! For this year’s end of year inspiration, I chose New Year’s Eve as the theme being on trend with striking gold geometric shapes with various geometric shaped Gold Luxe Pops and delicious gold macarons, lemon curd tartlets and couverture geometric gold chocolates.

 It’s all about the “POP” of the champagne cork and the nibble of the luxurious gold cake “POP” to keep the party going all night. This party table screams Celebrate to me. This event was beautifully captured by Lee Bird Photography who mumbled yum yum yum under her breath as she was taking photos! Party Pony Designer Piñata’s were on board from the start and expressed their stunning Piñata’s to me to get the inspiration flowing. Glistening Occasions custom created the modern Celebrate cake topper for this event in gold mirror to adorn our cake pop tower. The gorgeous black sequin table cloth used as a backdrop by Any Occasion events and the metallic confetti by Cheer Co added the much needed bling to our party table. Adding to our new trends I wanted to showcase the latest coffee trend, and so perfect for our summer season here in Australia, Cold Drip Coffee Kickers by First Press Coffee. Stored ice cold and served over ice or with a dash of milk, it’s amazing. I am loving it over ice-cream as a summer Afogato dessert. . For the true coffee connoisseurs”
Styling and all desserts by Sweet Empire https://www.facebook.com/SweetEmpire?fref=ts Photography by Lee Bird Photography https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lee-Bird-Photography/152030407165?fref=ts Custom made gold mirror “celebrate” topper by Glistening Occasions https://www.facebook.com/glisteningoccasions?fref=ts 
Gold Piñata’s by Party Pony Designer Piñata’s https://www.facebook.com/partyponydecor?fref=ts 
Black Sequin backdrop tablecloth by Any Occasion Events https://www.facebook.com/Anyoccasionevents?fref=ts 
First Press Cold Drip Coffee Kickers by First Press Coffee https://www.facebook.com/FirstPressCoffee?fref=ts

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