Little Big Company | The Blog: A Gorgeous Circus Themed Birthday Party by Styling Elegance

Naomi from Styling Elegance styled and made all the cakes and sweet treats for her daughter’s circus party. As told by Naomi

“I have always loved the magic of the circus, so when my daughter requested a circus party for her 5th Birthday I could barely contain myself. I started to look for things almost straight away. I guess that helped getting in early, sketching out plans, getting things built (yep the “ticket booth aka Lemonade stand is “homemade.”) On the day children played games like egg and spoon races, ball toss, bean bag throw, pass the parcel and jumping on the jumping castle. The plan was for each game they won tickets, and then at the end of the party they could use their tickets to buy the lucky dip bag and then fill them up with whatever lollies the liked, (which was their party favour bags.) Well that was the plan… but do 5th birthdays ever go to plan? The lolly buffet was raided in the first 5minutes!!! In the end it was a great day, and it was well worth it when that night I asked my Leila “Did you like your party” to which she replied… “Oh mum it was amazing, I’m so lucky.”

Milk bottles, straws, Pink Cake Stand, Blue and white twist pop lollipops from The Little Big Company

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