A Sparkling Disco Party by Bistro Chic

Sofia from Bistro Chic styled this Sparkling disco party as told by Sofia

 “A week before my daughter’s seventh birthday I hadn’t done anything! Anything at all! On top of that we did not agree on the theme …
It is not easy being the Mother of a 6 year old girl who knows what she wants!
For her seventh birthday I suggested an Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz party, among others … the answer was peremptory and repeated countless times … “No, I want a Disco party and looooots of sparkles!”.
As much as I insisted that she has time to do such a theme later… I wasn’t successful!
So, I brought the sparkles in because in fact she is still a child and will have many setbacks in life and it’s not worth arguing for so little!
Not easy to style a Sparkling Party for a seventh birthday without turning it into an adult party! The solution was to mix textures.
Giant paper flowers with crepe and brown paper, rope and sequins were mixed, creating an unusual combination and let’s not forget the disco balls!
Sweet Cakes did an amazing job creating a delicious vanilla naked cake, filled with lemon curd, cake pops, cupcakes and cookies.
My daughter Titi was thrilled with all the glitter and sparkling and I was thrilled with her happiness! Love you more than words can tell! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Styling – Bistrotchic (https://www.facebook.com/BistrotChic)
Sweets – Sweet Cakes (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Cakes)

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