Candy Land Inspired Themed party for a Sweet 16th by KLM Events

A close family friend had contacted me to create a Candy Land inspired candy table for her Sweet 16th Birthday party. She wanted bright, vibrant colors, some touches incorporated from the actual game, and of course, lots and lots of candy! I created Rice Krispie “popsicles” and called them, “Princess Frostine’s Rice Krispie Popsicles” and called Oreo Truffles, “Gloppy’s Oreo Pops.” I had “Lolly’s Woods” with some large lollipops sitting in a bowl of sugar and my favorite part was the little game pieces that were actual sugar cookies standing up, walking the trail of Starburst candy that spread across the entire table. There was also some yummy chocolate covered Oreos with fun “Candy Land” inspired fondant toppers. The 3 tiered cake was a beautiful way to pull in all of the colors, as well as the wide array of candy that spread across the back of the table in every color. I had my sister-in-law paint a simple backdrop since I knew the table would be fairly busy with all the colors and just added paper rossettes that I made to resemble little candies around the border. I also added some simple cardstock paper on the floor around the table to resemble the trail around the game board. Overall, the birthday girl was super happy and excited with how it turned out and she couldn’t wait for all of her friends to see it! Styling and concept, Oreo Pops, Rice Krispie Popsicles and Rock Candy Trees: KLM Events ( Backdrop: Amy Greenwood from (The Mural Of The Story) Cake: (Cakes by Colleen Craig) Printables: (ThumbAlina Lane) Fondant Toppers on Chocolate Covered Oreos: (Goodies By Melissa) Candy: (Royal Candy Company) Game piece standing cookies: (Katie’s Cookies)


























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