Gorgeous 9th Birthday Party "A Spa Party" by Scrapaper by Erica

This submission sent in by Erica is gorgeous and I love all the details and colours, as told by Erica “This party I created to celebrate the 9th birthday of my oldest daughter, Maria. It was a little spa party, just for her BFF. We had at the party a photo booth: which was a vintage tub made with paper foam by my friend Lila, an artist! The invitations looked like a spa coupons, with a Maria’s photo. During the party the girls dressed their bathrobes, those were a party favor” 

Party stylist and invitations: Scrapaper by erica (www.facebook.com/scrapaperbyerica) Cake, cake pops and cookies: The Baking Girl Cake Shop (www.thebakinggirl.com) Photo Booth: Carolina Ingham (lila.ingham@facebook.com) Favors: Ana Nalde (ana.nalde@facebook.com)

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