Sweet Dreams, A Starry Night Slumber Party by Sweet Memories Party Designs

Sweet Memories Party Designs styled this super cute slumber party- — to us Aussies here a fantastic Sleepover party and also fantastic for those of us who have tweens! 

As told by the lovely Rogeria” Planning my daughter’s party, is always something really fun to do! She is my little assistant for all the other parties I design and you can imagine how excited she gets when it’s her turn! Julia turned 9 years old! This time, she wanted invite 3 friends for a sleepover, and I really liked the idea! The plan was just to have her friends over, for cake and pizza, but I couldn’t resist setting up something cute for my favorite assistant in the world! Since I decided to do something for her on the same week of her birthday, my amazing vendors were booked , so I had to go with plan B. I bought a plain cake from Publix and decorated with some Lady Finger, blueberries and fresh flowers. I made some cute party favors and printables, got some cup cakes from Whole Foods, brownies, Swiss Rolls, and also made Brazilian Brigadeiros, my favorite Brazilian dessert! Color scheme was navy, pink and turquoise. The only professional help I had this time was from my dear friend Priscilla Barbosa Photography. Her pictures are adorable!!”

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