Ballerina party by Sweet Par-t

Sweet Par-t styled this gorgeous Ballerina party as told by Patricia.

“This party celebrated Clara’s forth birthday, her mother, Bianca Ferrari, had asked me for a delicate, feminine and romantic decoration. Based on the colors pink and white I started thinking about the sweets: cupcakes, candy apple, strawberry mousse, mini marshmallows, Brazilian “brigadeiros gourmet”, rice krispies squares dipped in chocolate, sixtlets, cake pops. The cake flavor was apricot and douce de leche. We had this beautiful balloon painel and fabric, a mannequin wearing a ballerina clothes and pearls necklace. I made a Tutu skirt for the table, hang some tutus on the lateral tables as well, a ballerina sculpture on MDF. The guests were invited to “fingerprint” and sign a ballerina picture for Clara’s so that the party could be remember. 
Concept, design and sweets: Patricia Dunlop 
Photographer: Christie Oliver
Furniture and balloons: Jaqueline and Fa Azevedo 
Cupcakes: Beth Aguiar Gourmet: Tathi Cotait Terçarolli

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