A Gold and Pink Princess Themed Birthday by Beautique Events

Recently, Beautique Events was asked to style the venue and organise the dessert buffet for the third birthday of a gorgeous little girl named Jaida. As the theme was ‘princess’, as told by Beautique Events – we wanted to deliver a grand affair that was fit for royalty. The key was opulence and excess. As you walked into the reception you could see Jaida’s name spelled out in giant block letters and it was quickly evident that she was the belle of the ball. Amidst the swirls of pink and gold, there was a feast of cake pops, cupcakes, glazed doughnuts and glitter cookies. And cake. You can’t forget the cake. And believe me Marie Antoinette would not have said ‘let them eat cake’ if she had seen this one – she would have wanted all three tiers for herself! The event was fun, girly and abundantly lavish. Jaida proved herself to be a fine princess and certainly seemed to enjoy ruling her minions from her throne!”

Event Styling & Concept – Beautique Events
Cupcakes & Macarons – Sweet Empire
Glitter Cookies – Studio Cake
Cake and designer inspired cupcakes – The Cupcake Emporium
Backdrop and Printables design – Lajari

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