Under the Sea with the Octonauts themed party by Enchanting Parties

The lovely Sree from Enchanting parties styled this super fab Octonaut under the sea themed party...Love all the details as told by Sree.
"I am based in Melbourne, Australia. After almost a year of successful stint
into Catering business, I expanded into a Complete Party Planning business
called Enchanting Parties. 
Right from my
childhood memories I was always interested in parties and all the fun, décor
and food involved with them, not to forget all the lovely desserts and lollies.
So, no wonder I am head over heels over the latest trend of setting up Candy
Buffet for the parties.
I came up with this theme “Under the Sea with the Octonauts”
for my younger son’s 2nd Birthday. He and his 4yr old brother love
Octonauts, so in a way it was easy to choose the theme. But then realised it
wasn’t that easy only after I really started to work on it. It was hard to get
that themed party decoration and supplies, so I had to introduce a combined
theme of Under the Sea Creatures to go along with the Octonauts plan.
I wanted a lot of blue domination to give the Sea feeling,
so had to go with Under the Sea back drop and Blue Satin and lace table cloths
from Spotlight. Since I couldn’t get lot of Octonauts décor I chose
quiet a lot of the desserts to have those characters. As I knew most of the
guests are not into lollies, I had to choose a lot more of the dessert variety
than chocolate/lolly stuff. There was plenty of dessert on the table – Octonaut
themed Vanilla Cupcakes, Cake pops and Cookies, Blue and Orange Mini Cupcakes,
Jelly Pinwheels, Jelly Pushpops, Caramel Fudges, Truffles, Meringues,
Marshmellow Truffles, Macaroons, Almond Milk, Jaffas, Shimmer Gumballs,
Smarties and the main cake. The main cake needs a special mention as its not
one of those full fondant covered cakes.It is a two tiered fresh cream layered
and covered sponge cake with the fondant toppings and decorations.
I was fascinated with the little blue buckets at a local
dollar shop and chose them as my Thankyou favors/bombonniere. I filled those
buckets with smarties and jelly beans in a clear bag with blue ribbon bow tied
at the top. I stuck the buckets with an Octonaut Thankyou sticker to complete
the look.
The whole setup was a huge HIT with the guests and they all
had one word in common when they saw it “ WOW “. I should say I was more than
happy on how it all turned up, I look forward to planning more of these kind of
setups for my clients.

Vendor Credits:
 Most of the fantastic looking and great tasting
desserts by Jenny’s Cakes ( https://www.facebook.com/JennyArnoldCakes )
The Main Octonauts two tiered cake was
designed Enchanting Parties and made by Hoppers Cakes.
Almond milk was made by Sree’s Kitchen. ( https://www.facebook.com/SreesKitchen )
Blue and Orange macaroons by Mama
All the lollies by The Professors and Sweetpickings Candy Buffet. 
Printables by Enchanting Parties and Hearts and Themes. 
Photography by Stephen Baker. 
Table Styling and décor by Enchanting Parties ( https://www.facebook.com/EnchantingPartiesnGifts )

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