A Valentine’s Tea Party by Sweet Pop Studio

Valentine Tea Party by Sweet Pop Studio.

As told by the lovely Lisa “My daughter wanted to have a tea party with her friends and their American Girl dolls. What better time of year to do a tea party then Valentine’s day with all the hearts and pink colors? We held the party at my mom’s in a room that was already painted the perfect color to match the color scheme. I wanted to treat the girls and have outfits for them and their dolls to change into for the tea party. My mom made the matching skirts and shirts for the girls and their dolls. (girls tank tops were purchased) The girls then were taken to the dress up station where they picked their jewels and hair accessories. The dolls had their very own table and mini foods. The girls enjoyed pb&j heart shaped sandwiches served in a wooden fruit basket with a side of cut fruit, marshamallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkled in hearts, vanilla cupcakes with sweet cream frosting, pink juice and “pretend” tea”

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