A Pink and White Polka dot Themed Party by The Sweet Collection

The Sweet Collection styled this gorgeous pink and white polka dot party as told by the lovely Rachael “This lovely little lady was celebrating her 12th birthday and her mum wanted to make sure that it was celebrated in style. The chosen theme was pink and white polka dots which was carried throughout all of the paperie items. A lovely selection of pink and white lollies were chosen including Bon Bon’s, Fairy Floss, Chocolate Drops, Musk Sticks, Salt Water Taffy and Chunky Piglets. In addition we also had lollipops, Swizzle Sticks and Personalised Chocolate Bars. Other sweet treats included Vanilla Cake Pops, Vanilla Cupcakes, Marshmallow Pops, Cookies and White Chocolate Macarons. The lolly bags were handmade by The Sweet Collection and added a little extra prettiness to this special celebration. The Tablecloth was also made by The Sweet Collection using Organza strips of material and a chiffon overlay on top of the table”
The following items supplied by The Sweet Collection (www.facebook.com/thesweetcollection) Design and Styling, Cake Pops,  Marshmallow Pops,  Cookies, Cupcakes,  Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars,  Paperie Lace Edged Lolly Bag, s Tablecloth and Props:  Cake was supplied by the customer 
Cake Topper by Top This Designs (www.facebook.com/topthisdesigns) Macarons by Her Macarons (www.facebook.com/hermacarons)
 Fans for back drop by The Little Big Company (www.facebook.com/littlebigcompany) Photography by The Sweet Collection 

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