Rockstar Party for Issac by Nayet from Haus of Luxe

We received this Fabulous Rockstar Party from Nayet from Haus of Luxe, to find out all about this wonderful party see below.


As told by Nayet “My fav parties of the year are the ones I do for my family – this one was
for my nine year old son Isaac. He’s at the age where toy themed parties just aren’t that cool anymore and based on his growing love and music (One Direction on repeat in the car!) I thought a rockstar theme would be fantastic! Invitations – I made CD’s of Isaacs’s top ten fav songs and I designed and printed a cover, CD sticker and back cover design with the invitation details printed inside – his friends LOVED it! Some of them asked if they had to give it back after the party and when we said they were to keep they were delighted.

Cake – Credit to Sweet Proposals – in keeping with our theme and colours Pam designed a snare round section with an explosion of stars with an amazing guitar with real strings!!! The fret looked so realistic and amazing! Entrance – I created a red carpet effect (but in yellow of course) by laying a 5m piece of felt and designing and printing images (stars and guitars) and words like Isaacs 9th birthday onto A4 stickers sheet and then using them on the carpet and glass windows of the entrance. We also created ‘crowd control’ red carpet style barrier out of giant microphones we made by rolling yellow gloss card into a cylinder and printing labels and designs on sticker sheets and placing a giant silver Christmas bauble on top as the microphone head. We then used Christmas rope from Crazy Clarkes (has stars hanging off it much to our delight) as the barrier style rope. Each child was given a VIP pass which I designed, printed, laminated and then hole punched to thread through a silver chain lanyard from Officeworks (about 50c each) to hang around their necks.

Table Setting – I created an ‘I’ shaped table (for Isaac) and used yellow polka dot fabric as the runner over black cloth again in the shape of the I. Renee from Renee Creates did the chalkboard backdrops with cool words and objects (which is great because its reusable) and we left the band instruments on the stage with coloured stage lights on for the backdrop.

Centrepieces – We did 9 balloons (9 years old) in our theme colours. In between I used inexpensive yellow metal buckets with oasis inside. I then printed a sheet of designs onto white card and attached them to black and white striped straws and inserted them into the oasis. I then shredded a stack of black paper to cover the oasis and finally bought a set fountain of black stars for the middle. Buckets of fun! As an added extra I printed and constructed letter the letter I in the theme font to sit randomly as a 3D object. I also printed sheets of A4 with a huge star to acts as placemats and used a plain black square plate and a combination of striped and star paper cups. Chairs – I used my black chair covers and then printed a variety of labels for the backs of the chairs from roadie to muso to singer and taped them to the back of the chair to break up the black.

Food Table – I used a combination of sweet and savoury items and kept the decor simple with just some customised frames, an amplifier for a backdrop and some inflatable guitars. Cake Table – The cake was so amazing I wanted it against a fun backdrop so I used large polka dot fabric and once again printed designs onto sticker sheets and sprinkled Stars on the white Table. Candy Buffet – The main backdrop was a canvas I made (with 2 of my Haus of Luxe girls) that has over 100 rosettes which we scored and folded and glued by hand. This is normally in my office but I have been saving it for this very special birthday. We added stars with double sided tape and hung this from a backdrop draped with draped polka dot fabric and poms poms in shades of yellow, grey and black. For the centrepiece we used a drum kits form Toys R us (about $35) and printed sticker sheets which we then cut up to cover the blue colour of the kit (was very easy to pull apart). Then the fun of colour coordinated candy in black white and yellow. I deliberately did not do labels for this buffet as I did not want it to look too busy. We used black candy bags with stars.

Drink Station – I left the fancy expensive drink dispensers for the adult’s room and used cheap barrel dispensers for the kids drink station. I chose icy cold drinks in yellow (pineapple juice and passionfruit softdrink) black (sars cordial and cola) and clear (water and lemonade). I then made yellow Chevron striped labels and tied it around the barrel. Surprisingly (or not) the water looked untouched at the end of the party hhmmm. Adults room – (no pics supplied) I always try to make a special place for mums and dads at my sons birthday – kids birthday can get a little crazy so I put them in a secluded room where they could see but not hear their kids with very special treats including cheesecakes, cheese platters, coffee and iced tea. It was decorated in the theme colours but in a beautiful grown up way with flowers, frames and beautiful linen”

All styling from Nayet from Haus of Luxe
Cake – Pam from Sweet Proposals!/pages/Sweet-Proposals/167331693389248 Photos and Chalkboards – Renee from Renee Creates!/reneecreates Balloons – Jo from Prezents!/pages/Prezents/150102528344225

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