A Plane Themed "Baby On Board" Baby Shower by aperrymanparty.com

Jaci from aperrymanparty.com submitted this Baby on Board Baby Shower as told by Jaci. “Our little baby Brody is due in January and we decided to welcome him with a plane themed “Baby on Board baby shower. We were lucky to snag the venue, Noah’s, for our big day (this was also the same venue my husband and I got married in last year!). My mom and I put everything together, from the twine tied sandwich toothpicks to the fabric garland chandelier. We wanted the shower to be inspired by a mix of vintage travel, fabric garland, maps, and airplanes. My mom collected antique suitcases to display throughout the space and even managed to snag some airport pins from arecent flight she took. We wrapped those pins with twine around the trail mix shower favors we put together. Not only did we scour the stores for the right supplies, we purchased different twine, straws, cupcake wrappers, and so forth from pickyourplum.com. We served homemade (on-flight) sandwiches, chips, soda, water, veggies and fruit. For dessert we made airplane shaped sugar cookies and cupcakes topped with homemade cupcake toppers. I also made all of the signage which I tucked inside modern white picture frames. We wanted the mixed-gender atmosphere to be relaxed and had activities around the room for guests to do at their leisure. Guests were encouraged to guess baby Brody’s actual arrival date on the homemade twine calendars and write advice for the parents-to-be on postcards to be sent closer to the due date. We decided to ask everyone to give advice according to three specific categories: buckle up, arrival, and jet lag. I haven’t seen the postcards yet, of course, but the guests really enjoyed being creative with their advice as it pertained to a certain category. The shower came together so beautifully and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!”

Vendors:All party styling by A Perryman Party Venue: Noah’s in Chandler, Arizona: www.mynoahs.com
Various party/crafting supplies:www.pickyourplum.com Sprinkles for the cookies:Sweet Baking supplies http://www.sweetbakingsupply.com/blog/about-us/ *Everything else was done on our own. Including photography.

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