Strawberry Tea Party by Little Big Company

It was my daughter’s birthday and her favourite fruit is strawberry aswell as loving strawberry shortcake so we held a strawberry tea party for her, I painted a trellis and Rose from Eleventh Flower placed roses and Ivy throughout the trellis and we hung strawberries cookies by Kookie Krumbs by Kristie throughout the trellis, the lovely Dawn from Ruby May Designs helped me put this party together for my daughter

Strawberry Tea party with Ruby May Designs photographed by Memories Of Mine Photography I painted a trellis from Bunnings, the trellis was $30 and the lovely Rose from The Eleventh Flowerplaced fresh roses and ivy throughout with the strawberry cookies from Kookie Krumbs by Kirstiewho placed a hole through her strawberry cookie to be able to hang he cookies through the trellis, the cake, cake pops and cupcakes by 2 Sisters Cakesstrawberry macarons by Macarahrah all cookies by Kookie Krumbs by Kristie chocolate wrappers by Bespoke Party Products, party paperie by Twinkle Twinkle Little Party invitation by Loralee Lewis

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