{Party Feature} Origami Themed Table by Chic Style Events

Mary and Kathy of Chic Style Events sent in this party feature which was for an intimate pre -wedding gathering with an Origami theme. As told by Mary “the theme was actually inspired by my gorgeous 9 year old daughter Tahlia who loves making origami paper cranes. Tahlia lovingly made every single one of the origami paper cranes that are featured in the photos. She made well over 100 origami paper cranes. The care and attention to detail by her is just amazing. Tahlia also made all the 3D Origami hearts”

Sweet Petite Treats Pedestals which showcased the macarons are by – The Little Big Company
Mini Phantom Chairs displayed in the bird cages – The Little Big Company
Swizzle Sticks hanging from the bird cage – Little Dance Invitations
Salted Caramel Macarons – by Her Macarons
Origami Flowers with I love you print – by Dana’s Paper Flowers.
All other desserts and styling Chic Style Events.

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