Aeroplane Themed 1st Birthday by Candy Queen Buffet

Candy Queen Buffet sent in this Aeroplane Party for her son’s 1st birthday.

As told by Candy Queen Buffet

“Since we live close to the airport it was a given my baby boy Hadi was going to fall in love with aeroplanes.. after all our house is underneath the flight path of one of the worlds busiest airports!

He was only 5 months when he said Airplane… since then every time he sees or even hears the engine of a plane he gets excited and laughs with joy. We even took him to Europe when he was only 10 months. His infatuation only grew from there.. we dressed him as a captain and  so it was undeniable that we would have to theme his first birthday with aeroplanes.
I began searching for suppliers and cake makers to bring it all together.. it worked out beautifully as all involved understood the theme and worked so well to make it all perfect.. plane cake pops… cloud cookies.. a suitcase cake.. runway lights on all tables.. map of the world table runner… it all came together beautifully..”

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