A Gorgeous Owl Themed 2nd Birthday

This party was sent in by Natalie for her very cute daughter’s 2nd Birthday. I love all the gorgeous details and the owl theme which was inspired by her daughter’s love of her owl soft toys.  The cake is too too sweet  and very clever -all the beautiful details in this table is just gorgeous. Natalie took all the wonderful photos. 

As told by Natalie.

“The party was for our daughter Amelie’s 2nd birthday. A very special day shared with friends and Amelie’s Nana and Poppa all the way from New Zealand especially for the party. I chose to do a pink and white theme and tried to let that flow from the decorations, party ware right through to the food. I had so much fun planning and making things along the way, a real highlight was the backdrop of tissue paper pom poms, they look so effective and were so easy to make! Guests were able to choose from pink jelly cups, pink fairy bread, marshmallow pops dipped in pink chocolate and white sprinkles, lolly cake (a New Zealand favourite – we’re kiwis!), mini macarons, fresh fruit, lollipops, popcorn and strawberry milk. The kids love drinking the milk out of the bottles with the straws! 

 The cake was inspired by Amelie’s love of her owl soft toys. Having never worked with fondant before it was a real triumph to see the finished product. A joint effort by myself and my mother-in-law Lorraine, we put in many hours of hard work but it was worth all the effort to see the look on Amelie’s face when she saw the cake! Some of the guests thought it was a soft toy on the table not the cake!

The children took home a party bag with a lace doily pegged onto it and filled with vintage kids stickers, bubbles and pink lollies! I purchased the glass milk bottles, favour bags, popcorn cones, cupcake cases, pink spotted plates & cups, and lollipops from your online store! I love your products and they really made the party a success”

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