"A Night at the Oscars" by Pink Polka Dot Events

Carmen from Pink Polka Dot Events sent in this party for her daughter which was a”A night at the Oscars” theme, which she organised and made all the sweet treats for! Invitations were designed to be like winner announcement envelopes inviting people to attend the “The 8th Annual Academy Awards” to honour Madison for her lifetime achievement in the dramatic arts.

They were completely designed and made by Pink Polka Dot Events. Carmen made the backdrop for the table by covering two large canvases with black material and then draping red velvet to appear like a movie curtain. On the dessert table were star sugar cookies, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, donuts with red icing, popcorn and chips in personalised cardboard buckets, Oreo cake pops (all made by Pink Polka Dot Events) and strawberry swizzle sticks from Little Big Company.

The cake was two tiers of chocolate and white chocolate mud cake made by Pink Polka Dot Events. There was also an area set up in the entry hall for photographs with the birthday girl where the guest dressed up with feather boas and masks. Each child was then sent a thank you with a photo of them and Madison. The photos were done by Nicole Carey.

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