Easter Table By Alison Lawson Cakes

I love seeing how people around Australia are celebrating Easter and this beautiful Easter table is by Alison Lawson from Alison Lawson Cakes, if you have a peep at her blog, I think you will stay a while!!! so many gorgeous creative cakes and cookies.

Her family had a small gathering with her children having an Easter egg hunt and then Alison and her mother decided at the last minute to put together a pretty table featuring some fresh hydrangeas that Alison’s husband came home with for her and their delectably made sweet treats. I think it all looks beautiful and very delicious, I would certainly love to be there!

Alison’s mother, Margaret made the delicious caramel cheescake which I feel like a piece of right now, it looks delectable…if only she could wizz a piece to me right now!

The table includes:

Caramel Cheesecake made by Alison’s mother Margaret
and beautiful and so prettily decorated vanilla shortbread Easter egg Ruffle cookies in stripes and pastel egg cookies all made by Alison!

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