Easter Decorations and my love of Chocolate Eggs

It’s always been a bit of a tradition in my family’s house to make a big deal out of Easter time. When I was growing up Mum would make us hunt for eggs with a special map & would always have some special creative arrangement on the table (a different one every year) whether it be a huge basket with flowers with eggs in them, a cloche dome with eggs under it or a huge grassed pot with tiny eggs nestled in the grass!

There was always evidence of the Easter Bunny having been – with a half bitten carrot or a little footprint made out of talcum powder. What I particularly loved and cherished is Mum’s beautiful choice of eggs, pretty iced flowers decorated on one of my eggs one year-  looking more like an exquisite cake, a personalised egg another year in a ceramic box…and one Easter,  a box of eggs in a exquisite collectable bunny tin…those little details I greeted with wonderment and I hope to bring the talcum powdered bunny rabbit feet into our house this year too..am going to the Royal Arcade here in Melbourne to Koko Black  (Thank you to the lovely  LL from Little Lou Lou Handmade for telling me about it – have a peep at her gorgeous handmade clothes for children) to buy some beautiful Easter eggs in tins or you can also buy them online here & btw I just bought some beautiful decor for the table a jadeite milk glass bunny on a basket see pic below  from Sharnel Dollar Designswhich I’m very excited about!, it looks gorgeous – Happy Easter Everyone!

DIY Paper Chain From Martha Stewart
Buy Online at Sharnel Dollar Designs
From Potter Barn Seen via the Tip Junkie
From the DIY Show off here
Seen via the Easter Tip Junkie

 From Spoon Fork Cookies and Cake here in Australia (she posts all over Aus)

 Seen on Kara’s Party Ideas (You can buy these punnets from Mon Tresor here in Australia)

Martha Stewart Seen via here 

From Martha Stewart

Styled by the Tom Kat Studio and  source is  Tom Kat Studio 

 From LilyBeanPaperie

From Good Housekeeping

From the Easter Tip Junkie
From Martha Stewart
From Martha Stewart

From Martha Stewart
Seen via Fancy House Road
Seen via Fancy House Road
Seen via Fancy House Road
From Be Different Act Normal
From Le Papier Studio
$9 From Etsy Seller Signature Expressions
Fabric Bunting from Etsy Seller SugarOwlDesign
From Living At Home Denmark
From here
Seen on Celebrations at Home
Seen on Celebrations at Home – have a look at this gorgeous Easter Brunch
Seen on Delish
Easter Cookie Decorations by Stacey Damurjian Seen on Delish.com
Seen via Creative Juices from BHG.com
From Delish.com
From Delish
From Delish

 From Elephantine

Rich Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting and Truffle-Egg Nest from Martha Stewart

 From Delish.com

From here

 Bunny Noses by Simply Creative Insanity seen on Karas Party Ideas

Anders Ruff Design seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

Customised Plates Made by Le Papier Studio $24.00 here

Easter Egg Diorama Printable Paper Craft PDF from Fantastic Toys on Etsy

  From Modern Eve 

 From Creation Cupcakes  here

From Pottery Barn
Egg Effects from Pickles  here
From here

2 thoughts on “Easter Decorations and my love of Chocolate Eggs

  1. Party Inspirations says:

    Happy Easter to you too hun,i know what you mean being Greek Orthodox its a real big deal for us ,i love easter time,and i promise my diet will start a week after easter ,once all the chocolate eggs are gone lol:) Love all your images 🙂


  2. sarah says:

    Hello! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. What an amazing Easter post. Living in the world's biggest Muslim country it is a treat to see such a beautiful collection of Easter images. mmmm off to the fridge to find some chocolate! Looking forward to following you 🙂


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