Coral and Thank you cards!

I love the colour coral, my friend had beautiful coral coloured nails yesterday, it was a slightly chilly day as LBC was working at home & my friend dropped in some lovely cards, she knows I love beautiful thank you cards and she saw this box of them & thought of me  – what a thoughtful gesture – she bought them from here btw – I love receiving and writing cards and I think it’s always lovely to get something in the post and always lovely to write a thank you card.. Have you seen any beautiful cards of late? let me know…my favourite online shop is Zetta Florence, you will spend a bit of time on their online shop if you go and have a peep.

With my friend’s coloured nails as inspiration! 😉 here is some coral for this cold Melbourne day..hopefully the sun will peep through!

From Fabulous K
From Fabulous K
Seen  on Divas and Dreams here
seen here
From here
Seen on Bryn Alexandra here
From Cynthia Martyn Events via Style Me Pretty
From Kiss the Groom
Coral and Camel together seen on Hanneli
Made by Mysweetmuse in Brisbane Australia
Seen on here
From here
From Anthropologie
From Martha Stewart
From Martha Stewart Weddings 

 Seen on Elle.Com

 from here

From Saras Party Perfect

From Celebrity

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