Japan & Our Family

After the Second World War my Grandfather who was in the Australian Army was one of the first posted with his family (including my mother who was a baby at the time) to Japan as part of the peace and relationship building process. It was a big deal back then and my grandparents were photographed in all newspapers at the time. My Grandmother travelled for three weeks on a boat to Japan with three children under 4!  her house had beautiful artwork from Japan and huge Japanese plates and vases. Their time spent in Japan forged some solid friendships and my grandparents loved the people, the food, the art, the gardens…all of it….They lived in Japan for years and my mother’s first language was Japanese.

My DS loves to learn Japanese and along side his very close friend who is Japanese is learning the language quickly, we went over to their house the other day to learn to make Sushi which was great fun!

In honour of Japan here is some inspiration and my thoughts are with them at this desperate time,  Poppies for Grace are donating 30% of their sales to the Japan Appeal from now until April 15 ….

Designed and Styled by A Little Polkadot
Japanese Blossom Cake made by Planet Cake here
Kawaii Mugs here 

 Japanese Float Lamp from here

Decorated Marshmellows From We Heart It
From Here

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam Woods of Net Knitted Wonder Space 2009, Japan.
From Here
From here
Seen via Little Sooti Blog Party Organised By Sweet Parlour
Seen via Little Sooti Blog party organised and styled by My Sweet Parlour
Japanese Tea Party  Seen via Little Sooti Blog
Japanese Garden Party seen via Little Sooti Blog
Cherry Blossom Cookies from Call Me Cupcake Blogspot
Cherry  Blossom Cupcakes by Hello Naomi Cupcakes, Cakes and Cookies
Elle Deco Japan

 From A Little Polkadot, designed and styled by A Little Polkadot

Vintage Large Japanese Bowl $34  from Etsy here 

 From A Little Polkadot Blogspot designed and Styled by A Little Polkadot

From Here
Japanese Fashion Poster from 1967 from here

 Cookie Pops from Hello Naomi

Kawaii Biscuits from here

From Little Sooti Blog

Kawaii Toast

Japanese Mugs from here

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