Dreamy Outdoors

On Sunday we had lunch in my friend’s backyard, joined all the tables together and had beautiful food, wine and lunch amongst the trees and in the Melbourne sunshine..well worth the effort as it was my godson’s christening…

We said we have to do it more, eat in the garden maybe next time for dinner with lanterns…..So many options for outside dining settings hope you enjoy the inspiration…:)!

My BF in the middle
Source Dreamy Whites Blog

 from Celebrations at home

 From Celebrations at Home (link above)

From Celebrations at Home..

from Style Me Pretty

Source here
Source SomwhereSplendid.com
Source Somewheresplendid.com
From Frenchlarkspur blog

Sourced  From Pretty Little World Fashion Blog

From Creatures Comfort Blog
From  here

 From here

From Martha Stewart
From Little Emmas English Home blog
From Martha Stewart
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Source here
from Tiny White Daises Tumbler
From here
Source Style Me Pretty
Source Style Me Pretty
From Jose  Villa Blog
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From tinywhitedaises.tumbler
From Tiny White Daises tumbler
Tiny White Daises tumbler
Style Me Pretty
From Tiny White Daises tumbler

 From Style Me Pretty

 mommy typepad blog

From Tiny White Daises tumbler

 From Jesse and Laila Blog

 From Restyled home Blog

source Charlotteaward tumbler
Charlottaward tumbler

From Style Me Pretty

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