Happy Friday Inspiration! DIY – Transparent Clutch & Brass Hexagonal Nut Bracelet

Just a quick post, more home and party inspiration coming this weekend…Thought this was pretty fantastic seen here

 “this clutch is  based on Phil Oh spotting this elegant Charlotte Olympia Pandora clutch during Paris Fashion Week “

She has some great DIY projects on her blog, incidently saw some these decorative knobs for $7.99 online here in Aus and NZ, which might look great..

Saw the Stella McCartney 2011 Collection on her blog too, am in love with the floral print..

Her DIY hexagonal Nut Bracelet based on her inspiration from the new Giles& Brother’s range of jewellery…  find her DIY below..

Giles & Brother

Giles & Brother

Find the how to here

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