Orange & Lemons

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From Graham and Green

House Tweaking

Mr 9 asked me to make his room look a bit more of a 9 year old room the other day!  My friend  from Reaburn Designs – who designs fantastic homewares, had a front yard sale a while ago here in our inner city Melbourne suburb.  The whole neighbourhood turned up! our suburb consists of many creative people – one of the buyers of Myer fashion had a sale the other day and her front yard was brimming with people!

Reaburn Designs sale looked more like a shop than any other yard or garage sale I had ever seen!  I seemed to come back home with a cart load of things, one being a fantastic retro orange lamp, so based on that lamp am sourcing things for his room.  My friends Tex and Joe pointed me in the direction to Johnny Two Tone Club and I bought the below poster for his room which am going to place in white IKEA frame. He loves it!

Went to go for coffee today at Made and on my way met a lovely couple who had this most amazing sale in their front yard! ..I bought all this silverware, which is now in the prop cupboard….. thought it would look great in the event I was styling a banquet!!! hmmm when I will be doing a “banquet”  I don’t know! I love all the banquet silverware though!!!  At the moment we are styling four upcoming Dessert Buffets…it’s busy times for LBC!  (PS anyone want to come over for a banquet dinner! ;). BTW hope you like the orange and lemon inspiration!

From Johnny Two Tone Club $20
Reaburn Designs Pop Up Shop in Kensington Melbourne (this is not her yard sale pic! her yard sale was very much like this though!) pic source via Ink and Spindle
Reaburn Designs pop up shop source from Ink and Spindle (ps have a look at Ink and Spindle’s fabric)
Currently all in my prop cupboard!
Made Cafe down the road…love the benefits of front yard sales on the way to get coffee! photo courtesy of Breakfast out

From nikkirappaport

Seen via here
Via Vogue Carolyn Quartermaine’s Apartment
Seen via Bright Bazaar From Off Beat Bride
seen via Bright Bazaar Source
Image Source Via Bright Bazaar
Bird and Banner Invitations seen via Jordan Ferney via Bright Bazaar

Image Source

From One Kings Lane
Image Source
Image Source via
Image Source here
From Apartment
Douglas Friedman via My First Little Place
Sarah Richardson via Caitlin Creer Interiors
From Paiges of Style
From Little Green Notebook
From Design Sponge
From Melissa Esplin
From Simply Perfect Weddings Blog
Dessert Buffet By Swank Sweets photo via
Lemonade image from
Twiglet Dress for Little Girl here
Drawn and Designed by 3 Sheets
The Swan Playsuit for little girl  which you can buy here from oopsidaisi
Boon Duck $5.99 from here

Pic below from Martha Stewart.Com, you can get these Embroidery Hoops from Onabee in Kensington

From Apartment

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