Exterior of a House- First Impressions are Everything

There are so many beautiful pictures out there for interiors, trying to find inspiration for an exterior is a tough one. So when LBC were asked to gather up some inspiration  for a house here in Melbourne with a modern contemporary edge, we rose to the challenge! See below some inspiration that we found or beautiful modern exteriors.

from here – slant and square- interesting shapes and dimensions

From here
From here like the roof and the glass combined together- interesting shapes

From here

From here

Made by “Like Butter” balustrade, the reason for this photo is that “Like Butter”make gates aswell as other things and a design of a gate or wall feature could be added to the front of the house.if you look below I like the idea of more of a geometric shape or circles
Water Feature from The Butters which is a design team that design gates, balustrades, water fountains, lights, set design for film and are based in Kensington
Lights Made by “Like  Butter”
But Perhaps Geometric Shapes, circles would look great as a feature in front of the house, side gate or wall, look at this wall panel from here

Geometric Wall panel, could be made out of industrial material by Like Butter above

I like this wall panel, the pattern from here

Panels could be made out of a industrial material for out the front of the house (these are wood panels) from here

From Osaka Architecture Firm the industrial look is one that I like
From here the use of shades is effective
I like the windows and the industrial look  from here
From here

I like the panelling in this from here

From here

House from here
Vader House by Andrew Maynard Architects in Melbourne

From here

Truro Residence here

The Carillo house from Apartment Therapy.com the different use of textures on a house is interesting

From The Hover House

From Works Partnership from here industrial textures coupled with garden that softens it
From here I like the different materials used on this house

From here again the slant roof is interesting

Industrial look from here

From here clean look


From here

Would you believe this is a church in Colombia, I like the point of difference the Wall from here 

from pintrest

The Desert Wing House by Brent Kendle


 Maybe some type of panelling or feature gate would add some new dimension to the look from here

From here

Chen + Suchart Studio have designed the Yerger Residence in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hersh  Bender Architects here

Close up of front by Hersh Bender Architects here like the feature to the right

Like the glass Window in this one from here

Front of House In Mosman in Sydney by Corben Architects see web reference further down the use of wood is nice

Arquitectura en Movimiento have completed the Cubo House in Juárez, Mexico.

From Studio Paralelo designed the Bertolini House in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil.
Studio Guilherme Torres have designed the BL House in Londrina, Brazil.

La Finca from A-Zero Architects here

I know this is the back, the slant roof is effective here and I like the black
From here

Wow look at this house in Mosman Sydney by Corben Architects

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