Let’s go Fly a Kite

Just saw this on Shannon Fricke, great vintage shop would love to go there!

Source Shannon Fricke

Just read Shannon Fricke’s blog, I love it! and particularly today’s post about vintage finds see her photos above, just gorgeous.  Yesterday I went shopping to find vintage glass pieces for a dessert buffet..Melbourne has fantastic op shops with great retro and vintage pieces. If you check out this blog  it lists all the second hand and op shops in and around Melbourne. In Australia if you want to buy some great vintage pieces for styling or hire vintage props head over to Emerald and Ella or if in US,  Ribbons and Rust are a great source for vintage pieces for your next event.

I recently styled a shop window using a set of cooking weighing scales circa 1920s which was a great op shop find and looked really effective.

Whilst op shopping bought some great glass bottles, a cake stand which is gorgeous and a necklace all lovely finds!

Next door to the op shop was a quirky fashion store, I love stumbling across random interesting fashion stores –  I spyed these bling shoes in the window, then around the corner found a great accessories shop, so bought matching bling watch – for a song! & talking about singing Miss 6 and I went see Mary Poppins at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne all whilst wearing my watch and shoes! (ps I was trying to channel Victoria Beckham, no not Puff Diddy with the watch and upon looking at the photos the shoes look a bit like the Queen’s shoes but honestly they do look good in real life!)

PS Let’s go Fly a Kite is one of my fav songs from Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Styled Buffet Table by the The Candy Buffet Company

I love Tracey Lau’s work: source here at Kara’s Party Ideas

Print ” Archie and His Kite” $22.00 from Holly and Eddie

Tracey Lau’s styling found here

Source Caroline Tran


Tracey Lau found here

Tracey Lau found here

 Bamboo Kite Brooch from here

source via Caroline Tran here

Kite Kilim Rug Source here

source here
Source My Sweet and Saucy
Kite Pillow case $39.95 buy here

Childrens “Kite Flying Coat” from here
Styling by Style Me Gorgeous, photos by NFE Design source chiccheapnursery here

Canvas by Style Me Gorgeous
Kite and Cloud Cookies from here

Source here
Vintage Handmade Kites source here
Print by 1973 buy here

From Etsy online

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