Seek and Find

Source: Hostess with a Mostess Blog, featuring Just Call Me Martha’s “Bird Party”

The story begins when I saw this bird stand which was featured as part of “Just Call Me Martha’s” beautifully themed bird party, Mel and I are busy sourcing things for the upcoming dessert buffet at the moment, so we are busy bees hiving around the place, driving all around Melbourne!

Have a look at Just Call Me Martha, it’s brimming with creative ideas, her cake and cupcake designs are beautiful and her theming is amazing, I can’t wait until her “school themed party” which will be soon and featured on her blog……

L from JCMM  told me that she bought the bird cake stand from the Greenery in Heidelberg..So like a woman with a mission, we all headed out and via a walk and a coffee at the Heide Museum of Modern Art and Cafe Vue, went and sourced the stand, thanks L for the tip – I could spend days at the Greenery!! full of cake stand and four tiered stand joy!!!

BTW we heard about “Dolls at the Mount” in Mount  Road in Heidelberg which apparently has a great “high tea” and one that children like too!, unfortunately they were shut…can’t wait to go back there and have their cupcakes and high tea.

At Heide in the Gardens.


Heide Museum of Modern Art
In the Gardens at Heide


Metal Cows in the Gardens of Heide
Source here


Source: Dolls at the Mount


I feel like a nice cup of tea right now actually, tea for one from Quirky Pieces called tea for one from  Heavens Scent


$25 each From  Quirky Pieces here


Found these stands from Jinglebells online thought that these would look great with ribbon through them..



The Bird Stand will look great with the cookies from Spoon and Fork


Got two of these pedestal bon bon stands for the dessert buffet.
Gigglesapu are doing a custom banner for the Dessert Table like this  -the colour theme will be predominately white with a touch of blue, gold and silver…
Talking about birds has reminded me about Pigeons- therefore reminding me about  Pigeon Hole – a great online store – At Finders Keepers market where I went to specifically see The Cupcake Wrapper Co; their stand was just beautiful, I loved their mushroom cupcake toppers also their balloon ones…
But as I was drooling over Cupcake Wrapper Co like a  bower bird I saw bling in the corner of my eye and LBCo eyes lit up, Pigeonhole from Perth had the most chunky sparkly necklaces I have ever seen and I can’t wait because..I have ordered one – I love watching “Mary Queen of Shops” from the UK, she goes into business and restyles the shop, it’s a great show, but Mary has the most wonderful accessories, her necklaces and rings are inspiring.- so in the spirit of Mary Queen of Shops one chunky gold necklace..!.
From Pigeonhole here

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