Blue Willow and Ex Hotel Furniture

Source Coco+Kelley here

Source Coco+ Kelley here
Online Deal of Churchill (made in England) Blue Willow full setting for $41! from Big W!!!

Source Wedzu

Source Wedzu

I  love blue, if you can’t already tell via the hints through the posts….was excited to have this deal emailed to me via Big W online!!!! for $41, so snapped up a set…also have you looked at Ex Hotel Furniture both here in Melbourne and in Sydney, found out about these beautiful lamps from Lady Melbourne she has one in her stylish  abode see photo below. Ex-hotel furniture has a wingback chair or two which would look gorgeous recovered and if you live in Sydney have a look at the cane chair they currently have, absolutely FAB.. these lamps are orginally from Stamford Hotel and are $75… put another lamp shade on and gorgeous!!

Source Lady Melbourne which is here

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