Beautiful New Year’s Eve Finds Online for Little People and Big People

I read about these beautiful  and stylish clothes made by an Etsy seller  es + es kids children’s apparel first at Tied with a Bouw and think that the clothes are absolutely gorgeous and just divine!her shop is explained as  “Here at es + es we offer one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality pieces for the special little girls in your lives”

My brother and his wife are having their first baby, so have been looking at baby clothes of late, our smallest Clementine is 1 and I can’t believe how fast that year has gone, my baby is growing up….but back to my brother and his wife…we think they are having a boy..

Look at these beautiful boys shoes from Country Seam

Baby Boy’s Shoes from Country Seam $16 Buy from here
or these from Country Seam

My Mum who was a fashion model and was overloaded with all things fashion- always loved putting all her fashion ideas and her interior ideas in a notebook that she carried around- so she would be able to surmise all her ideas, she still does, still something so nice about writing and pasting little snippets of ideas into a notebook and I love this fun   “Parisville” notebook made with fabric by Little Wildrose

This set below would be gorgeous for Clementine made by Little Lou Lou Handmade

Little Lou Lou Handmade
Little Lou Lou Handmade

 I still can’t enough of the Giggle and Co blocks which make fantastic presents and can be customized with the name of the child and different designs, just beautiful and so well made..

Look at this gorgeous little top from Pink Frillys, her things are described as “Pink, Lacey, Frilly,Floral and Vintage” and I love this…
From Pink Frillys – $19 just gorgeous!

and I love this dress from Little Honey  Bird

and lastly this is a gorgeous necklace from Fun Accessories and it is $29.95…reminds me of a Kate Spade one that I was drooling over…

Have a great New Year’s Eve and can’t wait for more exciting things happening in 2011.

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