Weekend Musings, Gingerbread Houses and Table Dressings

Thinking about Table Settings for Christmas and I liked this one by Eddie Ross featuring the Gingerbread House

so we went and got one of these from Aldi for $9.99 !!! going to spruce it up with some other decorations!

obviously it’s not going to turn out like these Gingerbread Houses!

All Pictures sourced from Ohdeedoh
Thinking of colour on the day for the table and some decorations….
Source Eddie Ross
Christmas Tree Chalkboards which can be bought from Sharnel Dollar Designs Online Store

Now I wish Anthropologie was here in Australia, I love this Squirrel!
Squirrel Nutcracker $24.00 from Peters of Kensington which is here
Squirrel from Made590 $25 from here

Squirrel from Made590 $25 which is here

Cake Stand from Anthropologie

I like the idea of a silver table setting picture source from here

Picture Source: Country Living

Picture Source Country Living

Beautiful Silver and Glass Decoration Ideas Picture Source from here

Silver Candlesticks from Ezibuy $14.95 on Sale for Pair here

Source: Eddie Ross

Would you look at those Compote Stands!!! $95 each  Picture Source from Eddie Ross

Have been wrapping presents today thought this was clever, from Tara and Better Homes and Garden

Found this French Music Sheets on Etsy.com which would look great as wrapping paper

DH could always wrap a patent black bag from ASOS.Com
or a Cuff like this one source: W Magazine!

Kate Spade Necklace

I used to be in Fashion Retail whilst living in UK, I loved it, particularly Visual Merchandising. I recently have done a few window displays here in Melbourne and always love to find creative ways of displaying things. My close friend whom is still in fashion likes to set me challenges – one of which is find an outfit under $100 so from time to time on my blog will be showcasing the “Below 100 Theme”

Following from the silver theme above, found this dress online from Barkins  $69.95

 or this Hummingbird Maxi from Barkins just gorgeous – $69.95 here..

Team in up with some Armour Flats for $34.97 from here 

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