Puddings and Party Dresses

Merry Christmas Bunting from Mon Tresor which is here

Source is here

Source Bakespace.com

Martha Stewart

This is a great quick recipe for mini Christmas puddings that my Mum taught me – that look wonderful and can be packaged as a gift or look great to serve up on Christmas Day!

Mini Christmas Puddings
1 dark or light fruit cake – your preference
some brandy
some orange juice
dark chocolate melts
pinch of ground cinnamon
pinch of  ground nutmeg
some almonds or dates
white chocolate melts to drizzle on top for the custard sauce effect
chopped glace cherries in green for holly and red for berry
Crumble the cake and moisten with enough brandy, some orange juice if you like  to hold the mixture together well. Roll into small balls and place on foil or baking paper to set for a few minutes. Melt the white chocolate and place about half a teaspoonful on top of each pudding.
As each of the puddings is decorated as above, place half a glacé cherry on the chocolate and allow to set. You can also be a bit decadent a dip them whole in melted chocolate let set then place your white chocolate on top.
There you have it…..Mini Chocolate Christmas Puddings

Would be lovey to present them in this snowflake box from here $12.50 for set of 5

Ribbon .90c per metre which is here Hot Pink Ribbon from Details Details
from PeaPress here in Melbourne which is on Etsy here $2.50 for a set of 5

a set of Clay Gingerbread  Tags from Marley and Lockyer which are $6.50 for a set of 4

Does anyone whom has a “solids eating baby” seem to have the odd bit of biscuit on them or food in the hair which I discovered the other day when I was at the shops, thanks to the cheeky one year old whom seems to like to decorate me with food!!

But have to scrub myself off and get into a party dress for DH’s Christmas Do and have been thinking party dresses

 I love these colours! picture source taistoisoisbeau blog
 My Inspiration Board from W Magazine

ASOS Dress for 32.50 pounds so is AUD $51 and they have free shipping worldwide here

Gold enamel bracelet from Fun accessories for $14.95 which is here

Fun Accessories Gold Earrings for $9.95 which is here

Fun Accessories Clutch for $39.95 which is here

Satin and Chiffon Clutch from ASOS here


Gold Sparkling Shoes from Shoebox.com.au  here $69.95

Black Satin bow pumps on sale for $29.95 found at Shoebox.com.au which is here
PS I got my beautiful package from Organic Island today  – Lip Balm in beautiful shells which I love!- which I posted about  here, absolutely beautiful!

Going to wrap them up and give them to my Girlfriends and my SIL wrapping ideas from here
or like this from Lora JeansMagazine.blogspot.com

Talking about Gift Wrapping, am absolutely “wrapped” and in love with T2 cups and saucers and beautiful tea which is here
My beautiful cup and saucer which I posted about here came shipped for FREE yes FREE and beautifully and stylishy WRAPPED – thank you T2!

PPS Oooh I LOVE THESE! Another little treasure find  I just saw these from the Curiosite blog these beautiful christmas ornaments  which is from One Gift World, how gorgeous – I love them!!! her shop is here or One Gift World’s Website is here

One thought on “Puddings and Party Dresses

  1. dm designs says:

    Hello there! What a cute blog so far! We actually have very similar taste it seems 🙂 I've posted a few of the same 'finds' and love a lot of the same artists for inspiration. I look forward to what's to come!


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